Flying is a great experience, and who doesn’t love the grand welcome by a beautiful air hostess, the bird’s eye view and the celebration of reaching another destination without any trouble.
A Travelling by plane seems perfect experience unless you get hit by something unexpected, which could upside down your life in milliseconds. A flight usually flies the average of 500 miles per hour. With such speed, the thing could work against you.So here I present you give a very important thing to remember while on a plane.
Oxygen supply
In case you needed oxygen supplies is available just above your head. You should listen carefully to the air hostess or read the manual provided to you.  People face altitude sickness followed by dizziness, headaches, and restlessness. So don’t forget to pull down the Oxygen mask.
Emergency exit
An emergency can happen anytime.  So it is your responsibility to look for the emergency exit in the case and so you won’t have to find it at the last minute.
Only bottled water
On the flight don’t ask for water, as you know there is a shortage of water on the flight. It is most likely to be recycled.
Don’t use toilet unless necessary
Don’t use the toilet on a plane unless necessary. I saw many people who just want to have a glance of a toilet and waste much water in it. You should know the plane has a water shortage so you should use less.
A selfie with Captain
Isn’t it something amazing? Yes, you can ask for a view of the cockpit but only at the appropriate time.  Usually, you can ask for a visit after the landing and you should be the last person to deboard the plane so that they have time to talk to you.

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