HOW TO EARN $35 IN 7 DAYS through AMAZON MTURK [Earned proof!]

Screenshot (177).pngAmazon Mturk also known as mechanical worker is own by Amazon. To being with the site, You must be
eligible for being as a worker.
I will mention all the things in details to becoming an Mturker
1) You must be over 18 year old.
2) As it is own by amazon, you can use the same as that of amazon, it will get easier for you.
3) sign up on the mturk website, and wait for the confirmation mail on your email address, it could take from few minutes to few month.
4) Log in with the link from confirmation email.
5) Fill all the information correctly.
6)Sort out the task which usually called as HITS on Mturk, which is suitable for you, there are hundred of
different Hits like photoshop, Captcha entry, video recording, listening song, survey, and much more.
7) Accept the task, which all have time limit depending on the task difficulties, and submit the task within the
time limit.
8) The HITS you completed need their approval for acceptance, if your task get approved, you are being paid
with a day. If you are being careless in doing the job, chance of rejection are more.
9) Earn some bucks
10)You can transfer, all the earn money directly to your bank or buy things from the website.

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