Instagram has become must-have social network apps, As we know Instagram is a photo sharing social media, With over 1 billion downloads on Google play and impressive millions on Apple store too, It has become so popular because of it’s easy interface with the impressively high-quality picture. With the updates before Instagram has the feature of live videos. With the hashtag, you will be able to see the recent and most popular pic in your feed.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram has a follower, You have to be Star or upload impressive high-quality pics to get millions of follower. But like me, most people struggle to get a follower. Thing gets hard when you check on google for ways to increase your followers. Most of them either ask for money or just fake pretending to be legitimate but all they will do is run the ads and you get nothing!

Recently I came across tricks which increase your followers by at least 5 people in 1 minute without paying anything, doing it for a few day with hours of daily investment increase my followers from just 67 to 455!

So here are the tricks

Search for the most popular celebrity from the search bar by actual typing.

Let’s say

1)  Selena Gomez

2) Taylor Swift

3) Justin Bieber

4)  Ronaldo

5)  The Rock

7)  Kendal

8)  Neymar

9)  Messi

10)  Kylie Jenner

and much more but they already must have a follower in millions!

Now you have all these celebrities name in your search history bar

Now follow all of them, wait for few second and unfollow all

again follow all and wait for few second and unfollow all

Do like these and see the magic!

Please comment if you like this idea, and found it useful.

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