How to make money online is what everyone thought of at some point in life. But when they try to find some work on online, most of them became prey to the online scam, fraud and con men who with their skills makes you fall for their words. So many like I know personally don’t trust online thing and some even walk to the market just to buy the same thing which they can buy from the online retailer with discount. I  hope you are not among the victim of the online scam.

So now I want to share you 5 legitimate ways to earn money from online, I have a few year experience of working online and already earn hundred of bucks doing the very simple thing on online. so today i thought of sharing it to everyone so you can earn bucks too.


who doesn’t love YouTube, as a fact; YouTube is the second most visited page on the internet after Google. So you can estimate its traffic and potential of it. YouTube had agreed to pay 48% commission on the earning from the ads running on your videos.

So to be eligible for earning from YouTube , following criteria must be fulfilled.

a) YouTube account with videos views more than 10,000

b) Must  have 1000+ subscribers and 4000 Hours of views updated Jan 2018

c) Apply for Google AdSense and get approved it.

d) Created PayPal account, so that your earning will automatically transfer to your bank account.

e) Must have $ 100 to ask for amount transfer.


Blogger is the best option for people who love to share ideas with the world, if your ideas are original, there will be more viewer and finally more earning, but the most important thing in blogging is you need to be patience and you should write on daily basis.

To become a blogger, you don’t need any special quality except being an avid writer.You can create your blog with Blogspot and apply for Adsense. If you are really interest and thinking of long-term then I suggest you buy a domain name and go with Siteground or Bluehost for being more freedom with your blog.

You might not earn in the first week or month, but if you write a quality blog, this will be a passive way of earning for you.


You might have heard of up work that’s almost same as the freelancer but with much more security and better chances of getting job or task there. work has a strict policy and them quickly spammer and scammer from the site. To create a new account of up work and fill all the information correctly and verified everything they ask for. Take some test of your skills and added to your profile, this will boost your credential. Now search for your desired task or job and applied for them. Write with as much as correct spelling and grammar. If they ask for a chat, talk with them, at least make a deal for the work.  If you complete the work in time, then you will be paid.


Mturk is yet another great way to earn money from online. It is similar to another micro worker website where you are paid for completing task. The task includes recording funny videos or listening to pre-requested music of for $0.50 and the list goes on. On Mturk the task is known as HITS and when submitted hits, it will be review and if it gets accepted you will be paid instantly or at the maximum. It will take 2 days and not more than that for your payment. If you are from United States and for others, you buy things for the money from But the good news is recently some countries also got the option of transfer money to bank account.


On user testing website you have to record 10 minutes video recording on the issue of specific website assigned to you. If you do it correctly you will be paid $10 per 10 minute videos, isn’t that awesome?

The pros of working on this website are that it will help you to increase your speaking skill too.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below!

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