Proven Ways to beat Depression and Anxiety naturally

Depression is nightmare cycle of thinking too much about guilt, failure and shame which result in tiredness, lethargic and low self-esteem which ultimately result in a feeling of sadness unless you break the cycle you won’t be able to overcome it. Being Depressed makes you a robot with low charge. It makes you think that the world will be better without you. You feel like crush by some giant rocks on your soul which seems to be never lifted away. You feel as a liabilities to your friends and family. Nothing seems to be fun and exciting. You cry more often and close yourself in your room.I used to believe in light at the end of the tunnel.
But here’s the kicker:
I had already won the most of the battle, So never give up and try every possible way to overcome depression.
Here i made a lists of things which is the pillar for being Happy again!
ACCEPT and take responsibility 
Most of the depression is the result of denying the fact!
Denying it make the depression worse than it could be, result in adverse situation.
So what you can do?
Learn to accept the Fact as it is, but! never get attach to it, Let it go! Let the mind think and observe it, but don’t react upon it, So it shall pass through your mind like, weather
Practicing gratitude will do wonder to your life
Thankful of your eye, by which i can see the blue sky,  love one face,  mother,
Be Pride of your nose, For having the feeling of enjoying pleasant fragrance
Proud of your Hand for letting me do the work i want to,
Like this you can be Gratitude for a hundreds of things in your life, Now see the instant result in self already, Now you will care more about your eye, nose, hand and so on!
DAILY Journal
I used to called it “Goals”
I’m proud of maintaining  a journal for 150 days without missing a single day.
Initially, I was tired and couldn’t able to complete it. But I never let that feeling stop me from doing it.
One day I forgot to carry my journal, that I wrote it on a piece of tissue paper for temporarily .
And we don’t stop there
So after being practice for more than 100 days, I could see the change in my emotion, see the more completion of goals each day.
The best part?
I could see how people appreciate the positives in me. When you get the great result for your hard work. That will be the Base for new you, positive you.
Love and peace to everyone xoxo

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