Stupid and embarrassing thing i had done in childhood

I was burning the midnight oil for the exam next day, those were the days when we used to have power from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm only, so before the power went off I lit the candle and was studying again,  by around 12:00 am I was already feeling sleepy and lethargic, so I take a rest for few minutes and we know which turn into hours and I woke up with a breathing problem. I saw the smoke in the moonlight through the window and was shocked to see the ember of fire beneath the pillow. I was punished by my mother for this stupid act!

Another time I was climbing the high mountains with my sibling and cousins, as a passionate climber, I reach the top first and was bored while they were still climbing. So I asked my cousin if I could roll the stone on the other side. He said OK. Dumb me, I rolled a huge stone and it crashes into the cousin’s feet. BAAM!  Stupid me

I was sweating a lot after playing football for more than an hour in school.  so I thought of cooling myself by the cool water of pond which lies beside the school, sitting on the one side I tried to reach for water, but it was way lower than I thought, I tried all my best to reach it with the head facing down. BAAM! I came out with mud, clay on my face. I became the butt of the jokes for few days. Stupid me!

This time I was at school, we were at the morning assembly, My stomach was not in good mood that day and I need to fart ASAP!   So I tried to control and then suddenly a friend of mine who is a girl tickle me from the back,  i don’t know why she has to do that? why?  and then you know Boom!

Once my friend and I were playing on the lawn of his house, and he told me, he made arrows and bow all by himself, it was the time when we’re in fifth grade, Oh I was impressed and told him to show it, I know I’m bad at archery anyway want to give it a try. I thought it won’t be good enough and stretch it all I can. What? It crashes into their huge living room’s window. Never know before I was good at this skills!

I do live in a country and to reach school I have to take different avenues, So once I was coming back from school, alone and bored, and was peaking and sneaking at everything in my ways. So I came across a narrow beneath the old building, My attention was taken by some bees buzzing in the corner, I was curious and want to peck at their hive. Stupid me. I dropped the water bottle on the hive. A thousand of them coming out from it, till today I never understood how I reach home from there, which was around 200 meters away, also with some sting stuck in my head.

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