pain of seeing my parent getting old

I remember it vividly when my parent were in their mid thirties, she used to be a beautiful lady who charm the whole valley with her radiant smile and  confidence. She used to manage everything perfectly like an responsible mother and Father was an really nice person and was friendly with Everyone. My parent live in a country up high in the himalaya and love it very, unlike the hustle and bustle of cities where I choked to harmful air everyday.

So it was summer vacation and i planned to go back to the country, I want to surprise them, without telling them about my arrival, I book a car and left for the country. It is like 1000 miles long to my valley and takes more than 18 hours. On my arrival there was only my younger sister and grandma, upon asking i came to know mother had a back pain for a long time so elder brother take her to city hospital 100 miles away, my joy sink down forever.  So next day, I left for the city and my soul was crying seeing her in that state and was also happy because from now i could help her in cooking food and house chorus. With time she recovered, and was again working on field all days, Not to mention all her children has told her to stop working and be take care of herself. So one day I was helping my parents on the field. suddenly my glanced was taking away by something, something that makes sad every sons and daughters I saw a white hairs on my father head, not single but a hundred of them, all between the black hairs, my heart stopped for a sec! It was aching with the pain of seeing my father getting old. My eyes never stopped and glanced yet again on my mother head, I see a lot of white hairs too on my mother. But they never act like they had pain, pain of overwork, pain of working other selflessly.

During the vacations, I did all the things I could, I had help them cooked the food, mob the floor, fetch water, working on field, helping children in their studies in my valley, and also I want to tell please take care of your parent before you regret!   Meet them once in a while, if not once in a while or at least call them once in a week! There is nothing in the world which can be compared to the PARENTS!

Thanks for reading! 

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