6 Useful Skills you can learn from Youtube

Youtube has made our life much easier than ever before. In order to make the most out of it. You should learn

some skills from it.  “A skill is the ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results often within a given

amount of time, energy, or both”

So here we present you some skills which will really helpful in making you life more easier.



Remember that delicious Sushi?
Lip Smashing Butter Chicken at the Resturant?

So, No more needed to spend a fortune to get it, you can learn how to make the same meal using Youtube,

There are numbers of Professional Chef, who do update new recipes on Youtube. All you need is to search for

your desired meal and you will be flooded with millions of videos.


Nobody is born dancing, The person whose dancing you envy doesn’t get to that level instantly, he learns

those skills by practice, although it is good news that you don’t need to suffer pain to order pain, Dancing is

such that you have to do someday sooner or later. I will recommend Mad Stefani or 1 million dance studio

channel on Youtube. Both of them are great for learning the art of dancing.


Programming has never been a sight for the people other than the programmer himself before the youtube

launch. All thanks to the Youtube we can learn anything related to the programming and even learn how to

make android or apple apps. You can learn various programmings like Java, Html Css, Python Rubric and much



Do you know women are usually attracted to men who can fix things, You are not supposed to know

everything but the more knowledge you have of how you can fix things the more chance of attractive. So

watch how to fix thing ranging from broken washing machine, changing tyres


Most of us had  desire to learn to play musical instrument.

But how?

Well, You have a Youtube before your eyes, where lots of professional and high skillful people show their

talent in a form of videos, All you need to do is search for people like them.

Do comment if you agree or disagree with me.


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