41 Small Ways to change Your Life in Less than 24 Hour

Life on this earth can be bliss or Hell for the different people, It’s all depend on how we perceive it as we have two option. Either to let it go or overthinking and made the things worse.

People should remember this life’s changing Quote.

“if you can’t run then crawl,

if you can’t run then walk,

if you can’t walk then crawl,

but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

So how is it possible?

The answer to everything lies in your thinking

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become,” 

―  Lord Buddha.

So here i present you 41 short yet, very effective tips to change your life in a day

  1. Be thankful for being wake up today.
  2. Stand for someone who is being bullied.
  3. Do a voluntarily service at the community.
  4. Forgive people who hurts you, make them feel that they are not worth of your time.
  5. Gift someone you like, there is no need to be an occasion.
  6. Tell your friend how much you like to spend time with them.
  7. Give that old clothes to the homeless and see the happiness in their eyes.
  8.  Appreciate people for their hard-work.
  9. Hug your parent and thanks them for everything.
  10. Hug that sad looking friend and say i’m with you.
  11. Say to yourself” it is ok, to fail but not okay to give up”
  12. Don’t expect too much from self.
  13.  Practice meditation, even for a few mins, it’s worth your investment.
  14. Say “I love self not matter what”
  15.  Practice Yoga, exercise.
  16. Be thankful for able to read this.
  17. Tell you parents “how much you love them” before it’s too late.
  18. Smile at people who look at you.
  19. Help that old lady to cross  the road before asking you.
  20. Say” thanks you” to the waiter. you never know what people are suffering from.
  21. Be thankful for being healthy.
  22. Start a conversation with random people, most of the time they will be pleased.
  23. Learn how to play an instrument.
  24. Learn to dance, even a few steps.
  25. Visit a new place and stay in local home.
  26. Learn to tie a tie.
  27. Do your own laundry.
  28. Love yourself first then love other too.
  29. Learn to cook at-least one food.
  30. Learn to say “thank you” in different language.
  31.  Stand for yourself.
  32. You are much more than what you think you are.
  33. You deserve the love of everything.
  34. Be thankful for the lovely weather.
  35. Learn to smile like a kids.
  36. Be thankful for the meal you had.
  37. Take a warm shower.
  38. Sing your favourites  song to yourself.
  39. Hug your pets for a moment.
  40. Watch some funny videos on Youtube.
  41. And the most important things, Learn to say “No” when you did want to.




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