2018 Top Productive Android apps you should be using right now

With Thousands of Apps uploaded on Play-store each day, you will be befogged with finding the right Apps, So i research for many days and here are the most productive and  best rated apps on google play store for you. Which is i always use on daily basis.

INSIGHT TIMER (meditation)  4.6 rating

Insight timer  is a free meditation apps, which was developed by Brad Fullerman and allow it’s user to choose for a specific time of meditation. It is run by group of highly expert meditation teacher who really help you bring a piece of mind.  With millions of user and thousands of real-time user, you will feel you are being part of the meditation group

The interface is pretty sleek, with more than 2000 guided meditation with different range of timer

and want to know the best part?

It is completely free

HOMEWORK (Gym) 4.8 rating

Seems like a child school work, no? Basically it is a body Workout apps out from home and is alternative to the people who have no time for Gym or Shy of Gym>

It’s challenge you of 30 days by which you will have a great Physique. The most important things you need here is to get started with it without failing and patience for those 30 days.

With a instruction and Gif picture which clearly show what you have to do,and  you won’t find anything complicated, There is a different categories for improving yourself, like Chest, shoulder, leg and all round.




LEARN HOW TO INVEST IN STOCKS (investment) 4.7 ratings

If you want to rich, you need great knowledge, if you are interest in such things then there is a future in stocks market, You have to updated with all the financial things around the world. If you could master it, Then yes, you can be rich overnight or Bankrupt in a minute. So the things matter is knowledge and finding the right time for investment.

But there is a catch

If you have a patience, this is the right place. You have to invest your time and money at the beginning, once you learn the art of money making in stock, Mutual Funds, then you can invest according to your time


DUOLINGO (Language learning) 4.7 ratings

Duolingo is language learning apps on Google Play store,  with stunning 100 millions download alone on android with rating of 4.7. It left no stone to amaze me. This is the perfect apps for linguists and people who love learning new apps.

How Duolingo works?

At the beginning you have a choice to select how fast you keep with, and according it with, you have to completed daily challenges. So on the next day you have to repeat some of yesterday things, so you won’t forget that.

What is the real story?

In my experience of Learning French, Spanish was not as hard previously seems to be on this apps. It interface are sleek, there is no lag, and the voice instruction or teaching is pretty clear. There is a hint, and unlimited chance to correct yourself. Using it on daily basis has help me to pass my French basic class with Flying colour.


Will updated more!

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4 thoughts on “2018 Top Productive Android apps you should be using right now

  1. Putting in my oar for Duolingo three years of Duolingo (plus, admittedly, six weeks of immersion summer camp) as a teenager got me to place into German 201 when I started college without ever having a day of formal instruction. Its not so useful for philosophy discussions and the like (although the German tree does actually have philosophy and religion at the end), but if you need to know where is the bathroom or my ankle hurts, its good.

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