This Social networking site Let you earn money online for Posting, sharing and making friends

Can you imagine a Social networking site where you can earn money online by Making friends, posting and sharing?

Your answer could be, “impossible”

Who will pay you for being online, Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Google+? any other?

So why you should waste your time on useless social networking sites, and games which suck up your energy and gain you nothing.

It’s a new world where money talks, and you should use this idea to earn money online and stop working for peanuts.

Empowr created by Michael Pousti, It aim at revolutionized the ways of earning online.

Here at Empowr, newbies are welcome by everyone, which ultimately help you to earn more money,

to keep the constant inflow of money, you have to reach your goal on daily basis.

For people who have no Idea I will try to Q&A in simple ways

Q What is Empowr, and how it works?

A Empowr is known as the first democratic social media, where you are being paid for posting status, uploading pictures, sharing link. You are being paid on daily basis.

Q is there any initial charges for being Empowr member?

A No,  there is no charges at the initial stages, but it is very important, to know that there is monthly charges as ads platform fee for your badges and it do increase like every 12-15 days, You are upgrades automatically and your earning surge too.

Q How much people I can earn from empowr on daily basis?

A It’s depend on your power level,as a starter I used to earn min $2 for hitting daily goal and it rise exponentially. Empowr aim at helping each person of earning $25 daily by the 2025.

Q How much it will take time to credit Money in my account?

A There is 2 types of coins on Empowr ; Pre-coins and Coins. You get Pre-coins for hitting your goals, and Coins for Doing More than volunteer. The conversion rate of Pre-coins to coins is 1-1. After your Pre-coins  get converted to coins, your Coins had to mature it, Maturation takes 90 days. After the 90 days you can withdraw you money to your account.

Q How should I pay for monthly charges on Empowr?

A The best way to pay for your empowr membership is by using your Pre-coins, So the most important things is to hit your daily goals without fail.

Q What should i avoid doing on Empowr?

A –Never link your credit card until you are being paid.

– Don’t forget to hit daily goals, as it won’t take time more than 15 minute daily.

-Make friends as much as you can

Q If i need help who should i contact or mail?

A You can comment on my blog, i will help you as much as possible

And Luckily, everyone is assigned with Coach on your joining, so you can ask anything to your coach, and if you don’t like your Coach you can change it.

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3 thoughts on “This Social networking site Let you earn money online for Posting, sharing and making friends

    1. There isn’t way to make money online from Facebook, unless you are a Mark Zuckerberg, And the top of that you data on facebook could be sell to anyone. So i suggest you to read the above blog to know more about the social network where you can actually earn.

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